Why you should be HERE during the Twins season

For this upcoming Minnesota Twins season I will be doing something fun and unique that you won’t want to miss.

First, after every game I will begin writing a story or recap on what happened and everything else going on that day. I will keep it interesting, providing a nice way for someone who missed the game to be able to read about it in the best way.

Now for the fun part. After every game I will be including a player/pitcher of the game. All season long I will be keeping a chart / log of how many times every single player won the award and it will be used after every month, as well as halfway through the season, and of course at the end of the season to determine my Twins awards. If this website grows (share with friends) I will be able to hold a player of the game vote to my readers and post the results the next day. By doing this we will be able to keep track of who was the most productive, who the biggest surprise is, and many more exciting storylines.

If you like this idea feel free to leave a like and share so we can hold POTG votes every day! More information will be added to this as well as more in depth ways to keep track of results and other fun ways to enjoy the Twins this year!

Thanks for reading my personal guide to how I will be running my page this season, feel free to share or you can contact me with other ideas you may have.



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