Is Kepler ready to prove himself as the future of the Twins in Right Field?

Max Kepler was in that group of prospects along with Buxton, Polanco and Sano that was looked upon for many years with excitement. Today I will be examining him along with Jake Cave.

Mack Kepler: In his 3 full years since being called up (2016-18) he has been unable to get a .250+ AVG, but he has shown potential with at least 17 homers in all 3. His minor league average always hovered around the .275-.300 range so he has proven he has the abilities to make it happen. Right now, he is projected to only hit .230 along with 20 homers and 66 runs batted in. I think the homers and RBIs are fine but if he could finally reach the .250 mark it would be great. His glove in the outfield is very solid and if the twins sign a player like AJ Pollock, it looks like Kepler could spend time at first base. I see Kepler as a player whose ceiling has really taken a hit, but his floor is probably his numbers from last year.

Jake Cave: One of the more please by surprises of 2018 was the Twins outfielder Jake Cave (acquires from Yankees in March 2018) had a solid year hitting about .270 and producing 13 homers with 45 RBIs. He quietly had the second best season for a twins outfielder and should be competing for playing time once again. It looks as though he has earned that fourth outfielder position with Grossman no longer on the team. If everyone performs in the outfield and we have Jake Cave as our fourth guy, he will be the best bench outfielder in most of baseball.

Overall I think Cave and Kepler will both have fine seasons, neither one amazing but both enough to help the twins reach the playoffs? I think so.

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