My opinion on Martin Perez. Weekly recap 1/14-1/20

1/14: John Curtis designated for assignment, free agent Blake Parker officially signed.

1/15: Angels trade SS Daniel Ozoria to Twins for John Curtiss.

1/16: Drew Maggi signed to minor league deal.

1/17: nothing to report

1/18: Daniel Camarena signed to minor league deal.

1/19: Twins sign SP Martin Perez.

So to start the week the twins officially announced the Blake Parker signing and in order to get him on the 40 man roster, John Curtiss had to be removed. Luckily after he was placed on waivers the Angels decided to trade for him and the Twins got an 18 year old infielder named Daniel Ozoria. I will have more on Parker in tomorrow’s RP positions breakdown.

There were two minor leaguers signed to contracts. 1.) Drew Maggi, a 30 year old utility man who had a .272 AVG and a .678 OPS. The other player signed was Daniel Camarena, a 26 year old SP who has struggled in the minors with an ERA over 5 in the past few years.

Finally, the Martin Perez signing. This post is out late because I wanted to read a lot on Perez and make sure I know everything I have to in order to evaluate him. He’s coming off arguably his worst year where he posted a 6.22 ERA so why did the Twins sign him? Well he is only 28, and he has worked with Thad Levine in Texas so that probably played a role.

How will the Twins use him? It seems very likely he will get the 5th spot in the rotation over some familiar young guys like Mejia and Romero. It doesn’t really make sense to halt the development of their younger players for a guy who was just bad last season. Perez could be used as an opener, although his stats the first time through the order are no better than the second or third times. Maybe then as a reliever because over 11 inning he posted a 2.45 ERA. He has stated he would like to remain a starter, though.

I am remaining hopeful the Twins don’t plan on using Perez as the solution for the final spot in the rotation, especially when Keuchel and Gio Gonzalez are affordable. A lot of Twins fans are confused and disappointed with the move, and that is understandable. It is hard to find any evidence as to how Perez really makes a teams with playoff hopes any better.


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