Are these star free agents close to a decision? Harper, Machado, Kimbrel & more

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Free agency in 2019 just keeps dragging out. More free agents including Dallas Keuchel are looking like they will be going somewhere specific.

For the star outfielder Bryce Harper, it’s looking more and more like it’ll be the Padres. The Padres seem to have an offer out and they definitely prefer Harper to Machado, now it’s just coming down to if they can really outbid the top market teams.

The Cubs also met with Harper on Friday and are considered as a strong possibility for Harper to land.

The Phillies are definitely still in on him but their GM recently said he doesn’t think Spring Training is the deadline to sign Harper, so we could still be in for a wait.

Craig Kimbrel: For the Star closer, there hasn’t been a lot more solid rumors, but the teams like the Twins and Red Sox are coming out as clear favorites. Other teams like the Nationals, Braves and Phillies could also easily just be waiting on the market price to drop.

I still would love to see Kimbrel come to the Twins and it’s a real possibility. The Red Sox might be his preferred destination, though.

Dallas Keuchel: A few days ago I posted Dallas Keuchel being down to three teams, and as far as I’ve heard this is still true. There is no favorite, but click that link to read about the teams and which one he may prefer.

It is still possible for a surprise team to make a run at Keuchel, and for the right money any team can get him.

Manny Machado: I believe Machado is down to about three teams and I think it’s the White Sox, Phillies and the Yankees. It’ll come down to where Harper signs. If Harper goes to the Phillies, then I think Machado goes to the Sox but if Harper goes to the Padres then I would bet the Phillies sign Machado.

That is everything new going on for the star free agents, no signings yet but after the Super Bowl, things should heat up.

Go read some of my other articles where I went in depth on some of these free agents, especially Craig Kimbrel.

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