MLB: 3 teams that missed the playoffs in 2018 will make it in 2019.

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The 2019 MLB season will likely have some new teams in the postseason this year, just like any other year. Last years surprise teams were probably the Athletics, Rockies and maybe the Braves. I believe there will be 3-4 playoff spots open for a new team to take.

Here is how last years playoffs ended up.

The teams I believe could be replaced are the Athletics, the Rockies, the Brewers and maybe the Indians? Ok maybe the Indians is just because I’m a twins fan, but their offseason hasn’t been great.

For the Athletics, I think they have to prove last season wasn’t a fluke, and that their star players can keep it going. (Chapman, Treinen). I don’t think they make it again.

The Rockies definitely have a dangerous lineup, but the defense, and rotation have a few question marks

Milwaukee is unlikely to fall off, but if they do it’s because of their rotation.

The teams I expect to compete for those spots and have a chance are the Mets, Twins and Nationals. Some other teams in consideration were the Reds and the Rays, but their divisions are too strong to get through. So the three new teams in the playoffs will be the…

1.) New York Mets: The Mets have easily had one of the most successful offseason to this point, adding the impact bats of Robinson Cano, Wilson Ramos and Jed Lowrie as well as star closed Edwin Diaz. A lineup with Cano, Lowrie, Brandon Nimmo, Michael Conforto and Wilson Ramos paired with the likes of Degrom and Syndergaard will have a hard time missing the playoffs. —– Prediction: 85-77, second wild card spot

2.) Minnesota Twins: I have been talking about this for a while, as I am mainly a twins page, but I think the twins make the playoffs in 2019. The Twins have added Nelson Cruz, C.J. Cron and Jonathan Schoop to put into a lineup full of potential game changing players (Buxton, Rosario, Polanco). I think the rotation will be good, the bullpen could be great especially if the Twins can lock up Craig Kimbrel. —– Prediction: 92-70, win AL Central

3.) Washington Nationals: This one was really easy. The best team in that division last year, the Nationals, missed the playoffs. They obviously lost Bryce Harper and might still get him back, but even without him the Nationals will be dangerous. The additions of Patrick Corbin, Brian Dozier, and Trevor Rosenthal will all be huge. Any team with players like Scherzer, Strasbourg and Juan Soto should make the playoffs. —– Prediction: 93-69, win NL East.

There are many teams that have made improvements, and many more still to come when Harper, Machado, Keuchel and Kimbrel sign. If my list changes after any of those signings I’ll be sure to update this and post it on my Twitter, @EverydayTwins.

Thank you for reading my first MLB article. I would love to do more interactive articles with fans, so go visit my Twitter. (@EverydayTwins). If you enjoyed please leave a like and share with your friends. If you disagree or have any questions please leave a comment or ask me on Twitter. Also, the rams don’t stand a chance today.


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