My picks for AL and NL Cy Young, as well as dark horse candidates.

The Cy Young award in the MLB is the award given to both of the best pitchers in each league. In 2018, Blake Snell and Jacob DeGrom won the award. Snell was a surprise breakout player and DeGrom was a great player who reached his full potential. For my predictions for 2019 I think it will be one player who is more than deserving to finally get the award, and one young pitcher who showed his true potential last season.

AL Cy Young: Chris Sale, Boston Red Sox. The elite stating pitcher has had the award elude him for many years now, finishing 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th (twice) and 6th over the last seven seasons. I think this is the season sale is finally given the hardware he deserves. He missed some of the season, yet still finished second in pitching WAR in 2018.

Chris Sale finished last season with 2.11 ERA, 0.861 WHIP, 6.97 K/BB and a 1.98 FIP. He was in the top 5 in most of these categories and he always has been one of the most elite. I would personally love to see him finally recognized for the award.

AL dark horse candidate: Mike Clevinger, Cleveland Indians. Another pitcher blooming late for Cleveland who is suddenly looking like a star. Mike Clevinger was quietly one of the better pitchers in the AL and if he continues to improve then he will have a real shot to win the Cy Young,

He finished the 2018 season with an ERA of 3.02, a WHIP of 1.155, and a K/BB of 3.09. He has improved drastically on each of these categories over three years and could definitely continue to do the same thing.

NL Cy Young: Aaron Nola, Philadelphia Phillies. The 26 year old star had an unreal season in 2018. In his fourth season he was absolutely stellar throwing for a 2.37 ERA and a 0.975 WHIP. He was voted third for Cy Young and thirteenth for MVP.

I expect Nola to take even another step in 2019 to solidify his spot as one of the best starters in the game. He will have another ERA around 2.30 but will lower the WHIP to around .9000. Definitely going to compete for the award in 2019.

NL Cy Young dark horse: Jameson Taillon, Pittsburg Pirates. Taillon is probably someone you haven’t heard a ton about, and it’s probably a bit of a stretch to put him here. I was really impressed with how he pitched last season, finishing with an ERA of 3.20, a WHIP of 1.178 and a K/BB of 3.89.

I expect to see Taillon make significant improvement as he was once one of the highest ranked prospects.

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