Taking a look at the three most impactful trades this offseason.

The 2018-19 offseason has been a disappointing one for the star free agents like Bryce Harper, Manny Machado and more. it is bound to get more exciting soon but although the free agent market has been lacking, there have been some very impactful trades involving some star players. The first trade I will be analyzing is Paul Goldschmidt to the Cardinals.

Trade 1.) Cardinals get Paul Goldschmidt and IF Andy Young. Diamondbacks get C Carson Kelly, P Luke Weaver and 2019 competitive balance pick.

The Cardinals clearly won this trade, getting one of the best players in all of baseball. To go with Goldschmidt they also got a solid infield prospect in Andy Young who has a career .829 OPS in the minors.

The Diamondbacks return doesn’t really impress me as they got Luke Weaver, a pitcher who really struggled last season (4.95 ERA and 1.496 WHIP). He had an ok year in 2017 with a 3.88 ERA in 60 innings. To me, Weaver is a Kyle Gibson type of player. He will take a while to figure it out, or he will always underperform. The second player the D-Backs got, Carson Kelly is a 24 year old catcher who has shown almost no ability to hit in the majors, he might just be in need of a fresh start, but 63 games with a .415 OPS and no signs of real improvement isn’t looking good.

The Diamondbacks probably got such a low return for a premiere player because Goldschmidt only has one year of control left, but the Cardinals won this trade.

Trade 2.) Dodgers get RHP Homer Bailey, IF Jeter Downs and RHP Josiah Gray. Reds get OF Yasiel Puig, OF Matt Kemp and P Alex Wood.

Both teams did well in this trade, but at the time it didn’t really make sense to me from the Dodgers perspective. They have been so close to a World Series with Puig, Wood and even Kemp in 2018. I thought this trade meant the Dodgers were getting Bryce Harper and maybe even more pitching. Instead they replaced Puig with Pollock which I don’t really get either.

The Dodgers did get some good prospects though, with 1st rounder Jeter Downs and 2nd rounder Josiah Gray. Downs has played a little over one full season while batting .260/.356/.408 and 19 home runs. At only 20 years old, Downs could develop into a solid infielder. Gray was in his first season last year and he did good, pitching for a 2.58 ERA with a 0.879 WHIP. He could develop into a pitcher in their rotation for sure. Homer Bailey has an ERA over six for the last three years and yet he will be competing for a spot in the Dodgers rotation.

The Reds definitely got the better return for right now, adding two good players to their outfield in Puig and Kemp. They also acquired one of the more underrated starters in Alex Wood (career 3.29 ERA) who makes their rotation look much more dangerous. The Reds could definitely surprise some people and make a run at the playoffs in 2019.

Trade 3.) Phillies get Catcher J.T. Realmuto. Marlins get C Jorge Alfaro, P Sixto Sanchez and P Will Stewart and $250k international bonus money.

All offseason there were rumors surrounding a Realmuto trade and the Marlins finally found their suitor in the Phillies. The return was very nice, but it felt like he may have been worth even more. J.T. Realmuto is a top three catcher who has consistently played in 130+ games. Last season his OPS ended at .825 which is absolutely great for a catcher.

The Marlins did get three good players back, including their new catcher Jorge Alfaro. Alfaro is one year younger than Realmuto and he holds a career .749 OPS. The second player the Marlins acquired is P Sixto Sanchez, the #13 prospect according to Baseball America. Sanchez is entering his age 20 season and will likely already be seeing some time at AA. His last two years in A+ ball have had an ERA around 2.50 with a WHIP around 0.900 which is very good. The final player Miami got is Will Stewart. Stewart actually had a really great season in 2018 with a WHIP under 1.000. He was a very late draft pick so if he develops into a 4th or 5th starter the marlins would love that.

This offseason has definitely had its share of trades and these were just a small sample of the biggest ones. I will likely do another post on some other trades, especially if there are still more to come this offseason?

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