All the latest news on Harper and Machado

It is February 12th. There are teams reporting to their spring training workouts. This should mean the free agents have to sign soon, right? I would think so and the rumors have definitely been heating up around Machado and Harper.

Starting with Manny Machado, the Padres have entered the contest for the elite shortstop. A lot of people think Machado would be reluctant to go to a rebuilding team like San Diego so it would take a lot of money to convince Manny. I think one player goes to Philadelphia and one goes to San Diego. Whoever signs first will go to the Padres and whoever wins second will go to the Phillies.

If you want to get all in on theories about Machado hints, here are his gloves he recently got.

Manny Macado to the White Sox confirmed? No, but they’re still one of the front runners. Much like San Diego it will take a lot of money to convince Machado to go to a rebuilding Chicago team. There is an offer out there of 8 years and anywhere from $175-$250 million.

Now moving on to Bryce Harper. The newest team to be linked to Harper is the San Francisco Giants. They reportedly offered a shorter 4-5 year deal but Bryce had no interest in it. He made it clear he will not be accepting a short deal, although I think he should take a three year deal somewhere then try free agency agin at 29 years old.

An anonymous MLB GM predicted Bryce Harper to the Padres and Manny Machado to the Phillies. I think that would work perfectly for both players and I’m sure they could get the long term deals they are looking for. Personally I hope that is the result because I predicted it in an article a while back so that would make me look good.

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Overall there just doesn’t seem to be many teams willing to offer contracts past five years because history has shown they don’t work. If both players said they were willing to sign a 3-5 year deal then try again after that time, they could possibly make better money. There would also be 20 more teams interested in the both of them. It could very well come to that soon.

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