Which division is the best in the MLB?

After going through all the divisions I would rank them like this

1.) AL East

2.) NL Central

3.) NL East

4.) NL West

5.) AL West

6.) AL Central

The American League East division contains the two best teams in the American League with the Yankees and Red Sox. The teams behind them are the Rays who ended last season with 90 wins. The Blue Jays could have a .500 season if some things go right and they also have the most exciting prospect in Vlad Jr. so they do have something. Last we have the Orioles who have already been eliminated from the playoffs.

The NL Central came in second because it literally has five teams that could make the playoffs. The Brewers and Cubs are both coming off 96/95 win seasons and could repeat those seasons, the Cardinals won 88 last season and then they signed Paul Goldschmidt this offseason to make them even better, the Pirates will finish around .500 again but could have a few extra games go their way and the Reds are a surprise team I wrote about yesterday. Click here to read that.

The next division is the NL East because it is another NL division with four potential playoff teams. The Braves won 90 games last season and have probably gotten better, the Nationals and Phillies both had down seasons a year ago but both have had successful off seasons, the Mets have made the moves with Cano and Diaz to compete, and the Marlins are also a team.

The fourth division is the NL West with the Dodgers who will win the division again just to choke in the playoffs. The Rockies will follow close behind, they are a team I really like to make it back to the playoffs. The Diamondbacks are going to be really bad even though no one is saying it. The Giants and the Padres are both question marks that will have the potential for 85+ wins.

Next, the AL West comes in fifth with the powerhouse Astros who could very well win 100 games again, followed by the surprising Athletics who I don’t think will repeat. The Mariners and Angels will still be extremely mediocre while the Rangers go lose 90 games with Lance Lynn as their ace.

Finally, the worst division goes to the AL central and it’s not even close. They had three teams with under 65 wins in 2018 and the Tigers and Royals have not really improved. The Indians and Twins will definitely fight for the division but it will come to 90-92 wins for the crown. The White Sox have gotten better but unless they sign Manny Machado they really wont be a threat to most teams.

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