All the latest on Keuchel and Kimbrel.

About a week ago I talked about all the latest on Harper and Machado. Today I’ll do the two pitchers. The way this offseason is going, these two may not be signing a deal until late spring. That would be horrible for the game of baseball and could definitely increase the likelihood of a strike.

Dallas Keuchel: It’s no surprise that it’s taken a while for Keuchel to sign when considering what he asked for, but nobody thought it would take this long. At the start of the offseason Keuchel was asking for 6-7 years with $25-$30 million guaranteed per year. It’s now looking like he will get a deal around 3 years with $18-$20 per year. A while back I wrote about three teams that seemed to be in Keuchel’s final three choices so click here to read it. I would assume Keuchel has offers on the table now from these three teams and is just waiting for another team to make an offer he really likes.

Craig Kimbrel: With a guy named Craig Kimbrel, there is even less going on. The only news for him over like the last two weeks is that he’s in Orlando to play some golf with Freddie Freeman. This doesn’t mean he’s signing with the Braves, but he is down in Florida so perhaps he will be making a decision soon. I would say his best suitor is the Braves right now who have been linked to him all offseason. Philadelphia has also been rumored to be in the mix for a while. Kimbrel also won’t get the deal he wanted and will instead probably have to settle for 3 years $15-$20 million per year. For Red Sox fans, I have heard the Sox are unwilling to pay what Kimbrel wants so its highly doubtful he’s back in Boston.

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