Moustakas signs with Milwaukee. Harper and Machado talks heat up.

The most frustrating offseason in recent baseball history is finally starting to heat up.

Third basemen Mike Moustakas signed with the Milwaukee Brewers today for 1 year $10 million with a mutual option for 2020. He played with Milwaukee in the second half of last season and throughout their playoff run. I predicted Moustakas to go to San Diego but obviously that was wrong.

The Brewers lineup is looking dangerous and will be something like this on opening day:

1.) Lorenzo Cain OF

2.) Christian Yelich Of

3.) Ryan Braun OF

4.) Travis Shaw 1B

5.) Mike Moustakas 3B

6.) Yasmani Grandal C

7.) Orlando Arcia SS

8.) Hernan Perez 2B

9.) (Pitchers spot)

I think that’s a dangerous lineup 1-9 that will carry on the success from last season.

Moving on to Harper and Machado.

It feels more and more like Harper going to the Phillies is going to happen. The talks on Harper have heated up today saying the Phillies are pushing for him and it’s going to be a long term deal.

For Manny Machado it’s feeling like he’s just waiting for Harper to sign because if Machado signs first he won’t get the same money. Once Harper signs Machado will be next up because teams like the Padres and White Sox will overpay to get the superstar.

I would bet that one or both players will sign this week. Full workouts are beginning for all teams and it will only hurt the value and ability the longer the free agents take to sign.

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