Willians Astudillo must make the 2019 roster

The Minnesota Twins have one of the most unique and exciting players in baseball playing for them. The fan favorite catcher/infielder/outfielder/pitcher Willians Astudillo emerged late last season and put on a show for all Twins fans. Everyone remembers him running from first to home with unbelievable speed, the falling over bunt sequence, and of course the pimped home run in Venezuela over the offseason. He’s a memorable player but everyone seems to overlook that this man can play the game of baseball extremely well.

Over 29 games last season he hit .355/.371/.516 and somehow only three strikeouts. Those numbers obviously aren’t sustainable for a full season but even if he hits .275/.350/.450 it would be more than enough. Also you might say 29 games is a bad sample size, but in 638 minor league games he has hit a career .308/.348/.417 line. Oh and of course, in 2,461 minor league plate appearances he only struck out 81 times (3.3%).

His versatility may be his greatest tool. Despite his 5’9 225 lb build of pure muscle, he is able to play 2B, 3B, OF, Catcher and he can even pitch! (Career 45.00 ERA & 5.00 WHIP). In a season where the Twins will have room for four bench players a super utility man may be what we need. Look at this picture of him pitching now.

He also does something better than any other player on this Twins team in the way he brings fun, energy, excitement and a smile every single day. The Twins community all over social media like Twitter and websites like mine have jumped right on the Astudillo train and we’re all in. I mean who else gets coverage like this?

“Twins’ Willians Astudillo cut his hair” I mean I just love it. He’s one of the most popular players, his teammates absolutely love him and he is a player who can lift an entire teams mood.

Could he really make the opening day team? I think he’s got as good a chance as anyone vying for a spot. He is mostly a catcher but a season where Castro will have to be eased in after missing most of 2018 could net Astudillo a spot, the Twins should start with a four man bench because they won’t need a 5th starter due to scheduling for over half a month. In my perfect world the bench looks like Mitch Garver, Ehire Adrianza, Jake Cave & Willians Astudillo. I personally don’t think Twins fans really like Willians judging by how this poll went:

Three people really voted Baldelli over my main man Astudillo…

The bottom line on this guy is that he’s unlike anyone else. He will put fans in the seats just to watch him, he can be marketed at games and on television better than most, he has a lot of fun with the game and it puts more attention towards the Twins. It’s hard to find a real downside to this guy making the team and unless he does poorly in the spring I would love to see him on the roster.

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