Machado to the Padres. What’s next for Harper & others?

Manny Machado signed a record deal today with the Padres for $300 million over ten years. This game as a bit of surprise seeing Machado reach that $300 mill and also seeing him sign before Harper. Most people expected Harper to sign first because he was projected to make more money. Now people aren’t so sure. Manny Machado has become the richest free agent in American sports history. Can Bryce Harper top it?

It is likely Bryce will be getting a larger deal than Machado just because of how he is viewed by teams around the league and the main teams in the running right now are the Phillies, Giants and White Sox. Philadelphia has been linked to him all offseason so I expect he will land there. I expect Harper to be signing within a week especially since Machado is now off the board. Hopefully the market starts to get more exciting.

Dallas Keuchel: The Machado signing didn’t really change anything in Keuchel’s market but with every day that passes he becomes less valuable. I still think he will be able to sign a contract worth 3 years and $18-$20 AAV. He is definitely the best starter remaining and any team in contention could use an extremely solid number one or two starter. Teams linked to him are the Astros, Brewers, Braves and Rangers.

Craig Kimbrel: I believe Kimbrel will be the last player to sign and he will go to whoever misses out after trying for both Bryce and Keuchel. He has been linked to his former team the Atlanta Braves the most. A surprise team like the Minnesota Twins could jump in and offer him the best contract, we will just have to wait on Kimbrel. He could potentially go for a short deal and try again next year.

The Machado signing will hopefully be the jump start this free agency needs and the players should start signing very soon. Other players like Marwin Gonzalez will get some consideration after the big names are gone and with spring games coming up this week, teams should be doing their best to sign these stars.

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