Three players who will bounce back in 2019

The 2018 season was a letdown for many players including some pretty good players like Kevin Kiermaier, Adam Eaton and Dexter Fowler. Today we will not be looking at those three, but instead we will be looking at three of the biggest stars in baseball who actually struggled quite badly in 2018. Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa and Corey Seager will be the players being discussed here.

Starting with Kris Bryant, from 2015-2017 he won a rookie of the year award, an MVP award and was a 2x all star. The 2018 season was much different for Bryant, who only played 102 games hitting .272 and an .834 OPS (112 points worse than 2017). Bryant dealt with a shoulder injury and couldn’t get over a slow start. Coming into the 2019 season Kris Bryant should be able to regain the numbers from his first three years and help lead this Cubs team once again. He is projected to lead the NL in WAR and he looks noticeably better according to the Cubs GM.

The next player to bounce back is Astros SS Carlos Correa. Correa is actually similar to Bryant because they both seemed to struggle in their fourth year. The 2018 season was much worse for Correa as he was only able to hit .239 with an OPS of .728 (213 points down from 2017). Correa suffered from injury only playing in 110 games but just like Kris Bryant he seems to be fully healthy now. He is likely going to get back to that .275/.360/.500 hitter with around 25-30 home runs as long as he stays healthy.

The final bounce back Player is Corey Seager. He also suffered from 2018 injury but his was a lot worse. He had a TJ surgery on his throwing arm as well as left hip surgery. He is one of the best shortstops in the league when healthy after winning rookie of the year, being a 2x all star and 2x silver slugger. If the dodgers can get a full year of Seager hitting .305/.375/.515 then he could be one of the key players leading them to another division title.

I’m have noticed these players are largely the same. All three won rookie of the year, they all suffered from a 2017 injury, they all started their careers in 2015 and of course they all play on the same side of the infield. Baseball was missing three premiere players in 2018 and you have to hope they return to form just for the sake of baseball.


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