Good job signing Marwin, now bring in Keuchel

The Minnesota Twins signed 1B/2B/SS/3B/LF/CF/RF/C/SP/GM/ Marwin Gonzalez. He was signed on a two year deal worth $21 million. Gonzalez will serve as excellent backup/insurance to anyone in the field, most notably Sano and Cron.

Personally, I love the Gonzalez signing. He is the fourth significant signing on the offensive side after Nelson Cruz, Jonathan Schoop and C.J. Cron. The Twins have significantly upgraded their offense this offseason, but have done very little to make the pitching better.

It seems like the Twins are trying to compete, but with obvious needs for a fifth starter and another bullpen arm, could the Twins make another move? Well why not just go all in and sign Dallas Keuchel. One of the best starters to be a free agent this year is still unsigned, and the Twins certainly look like a team in need of someone like Keuchel. The Twins payroll currently sits at around $116-$117 million so a contract of 3 years $60 million ($20 AAV) is not out of question.

There is reason to be optimistic there will be another pitching move. Falvey has said a few times this offseason that the impact moves were done, but now Marwin is on the team. It also doesn’t make sense to sign four quality offensive players and not go fix the biggest weakness in your team which is pitching. The twins rotation currently has only Berrios under control for 2020 and beyond so a move for Keuchel would help with the future just as much as it would help right now.

If the Twins do actually go get Keuchel, he would slide in either at the #2 or #3 spot in the rotation depending on when Gibson starts. The rotation would look like this: 1.) Jose Berrios, 2.) Dallas Keuchel, 3.) Kyle Gibson, 4.) Jake Odorizzi, 5.) Michael Pineda. Having Keuchel would eliminate having to throw a guy like Martin Perez it there every fifth day.

Hey check this out…

Need some more fun Keuchel facts? He has a career 2.79 ERA when facing the Indians, 2.56 against the Royals, 3.49 against the White Sox and 4.05 against the Tigers. We play those teams each 19 times per year.

Maybe you’re wondering why the Twins are loading up on offense? When Keuchel was pitching and his team scored 6+ runs, Keuchel had a 3.01 ERA, 1.155 WHIP, .651 OPS and 3.47 K/BB. Falvey obviously knows what he’s doing.

Alright this is my final call for the Twins to go get Dallas Keuchel (that’s probably a lie). I think it would be the perfect move for us. Almost all projections have us at 80-82 wins and signing a quality starter would jump us to a true playoff contender. Let’s go.

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