2/25 Orioles @ Twins Spring Training recap…Buxton has arrived.

The Minnesota Twins beat the Baltimore Orioles in the 4th game of the spring 7-1. There were a lot of positives for some of the core hitters and pitchers.

The game started with the Twins loading the bases on singles from Castro and Schoop followed by a walk from Cron. Byron Buxton then came to the plate and crushed a double to left field and scoring two runs. 2-0 Twins

In the second inning the Twins got another runner on from an error and he eventually would steal second base. Jorge Polanco singled and scored the run to give the Twins a 3-1 lead.

The third inning came and the twins scored again. Eddie Rosario started the inning with a double and then Byron Buxton continued his hot steak with an RBI single. 4-1 Twins.

Moving right along, the fourth inning saw a double from Jorge Polanco that was followed by a wild pitch then a sac fly from Jason Castro. 5-1 Twins.

Hoping to score for a fifth straight inning, Eddie Rosario started with another double and then Byron Buxton hit his second home run of the spring. This home run made him 5-5 with 10 RBIs in two games. 7-1 Twins.

That was all the offense, as the backup players were eventually put in. Moving onto the pitching side now.

Jose Berrios started the game and went two innings giving up one solo home run. He didn’t have any strikeouts but he did walk one player.

There were three relievers on the 40 man roster. Taylor Rogers, Fernando Romero and Andrew Vasquez all threw a scoreless inning. Romero gave up a hit and a walk but was able to escape the jam.

Here are the final box scores for both the hitting and pitching…

POTG Awards:

Batting: This one is easy yet again. Byron Buxton gets his second point of the spring after going 5-5 with 3 RBIs and a home run. He is looking exceptionally good to start the spring.

Pitching: The pitching point goes to Taylor Rogers. He was able to throw a scoreless inning while giving up one hit and striking a man out.

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