Sano’s great offseason overshadowed by recent injury.

Miguel Sano finally committed to becoming a healthy everyday player in the MLB this offseason. He put together countless hours of work and got a full time healthy diet with help from everyone around him. He was playing in the Dominican league and even won a championship! Everything was looking up for the third basemen and Twins fans were getting excited again.

Then on February 19th, it was reported that Miguel would miss about a week of spring training to let a cut on his foot heal. No concern or big deal there right? The next report said he would be out for a few games and Twins fans began to get concerned. After about a week and a half of games, it has been reported that Sano will likely be out until May. This brought out the angry twins fans.

People were comparing him to Ervin Santana last year where the same situation happened and he never really recovered. Trade requests and people just wanting to cut him we’re all over Twitter. The offseason Miguel put together had its credibility falling apart quickly.

New Twins manager Rocco Baldelli had this to say on the injury: “There’s not a disappointment in Miguel. There’s more a disappointment for him. I actually feel bad that he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with. He had a great winter coming into this spring.”

I completely agree with what Rocco is saying. It’s really sad to see such a good offseason go to waste. You have to hope and think Sano will continue to stay on his diet and be able to talk with all the MLB coaches.

There is still hope he could return in mid April but the cut on his heel would have to get better quickly. Sano would then have to go through his own spring training in order to really be effective for this Twins team.

I do have hope for Sano but I can also see what Twins fans are going on about. Every year there seems to be something different with this guy and I just hope he solves it quickly this year.

Who will be taking advantage from this? Willians Astudillo hopefully but for sure Marwin Gonzalez. Tomorrow I’ll be writing about what this means for those two player so check back.

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  1. I’m not one of the angry Twins fans but I am one of the frustrated ones. I feel bad for Sano, but I’m not all that unhappy because this means that Astudillo is likely to make the team and I like him.


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