What’s going on with Craig Kimbrel?

Future hall of fame closer Craig Kimbrel is still unsigned two weeks into a Spring Training games. After a season with a 2.74 ERA, 0.995 WHIP and 42 saves he can’t land a deal. He was hoping to get around $60 million but now it is looking like a lot less.

Jon Heyman reported that although he is not currently on a team, Kimbrel is in top shape and working on his program in Orlando. The location doesn’t have anything to do with his free agency.

After Harper was signed there was a small report that the Twins may be interested but there has been no mention of it ever since. It doesn’t look like the Twins are engaged in trying to pay top dollar for a closer.

Some other teams rumored to be in the running for him are the Nationals and Dodgers. The nationals may end up using their remaining Harper money to go after Kimbrel even with their bullpen depth. The dodgers have sort of been linked to him all offseason but nothing concrete has ever come out.

Overall Kimbrel’s market is very confusing and there still doesn’t appear to be a front runner. There has to be a team willing to pay soon because he’s an upgrade for literally every team out there.


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