Astros in the lead for Keuchel?

Dallas Keuchel, a premiere starting pitcher is still left unsigned as we are really getting into the spring now. Unlike Kimbrel, Dallas Keuchel actually has some teams making offers and coming close on a deal.

According to CBS Sports, the Astros are definitely in the mix but have only offered deals of 1 year and 2 years. Obviously Keuchel still wants 4-5 years but it’s unlikely he will be getting that.

The second team interested in Keuchel is the Phillies. With money still left over after signing Harper, adding a top end starter could really bring them a long way. They would also prefer a 1-2 year deal especially seeing that they are going to make a huge play for Trout in 2021.

For the Minnesota Twins it is looking more unlikely every day that we get Keuchel. It looks like they want Martin Perez to get the fifth spot because they are spending a lot of time revamping him as a starter. Unless Keuchel is willing to sign for a short terms deal, the Twins will almost certainly not be spending for him.


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