Bold predictions part 2:

Episode two of bold predictions! To read the first bold predictions post, click here.

So last time I predicted about three things that were already sort of talked about a lot, but today will circle around a few topics that haven’t gotten a ton of love. The three predictions will involve Jonathan Schoop, Mitch Garver and predicting a trade. Oh and there will also be a few Twitter predictions at the end…

Prediction 1:

Jonathan Schoop returns to 2017 all star form, leading to the Twins giving him a multi-year deal. Here is a small bit from a post I did a couple days ago so you can go read this.

This shows Schoop was definitely a top tier second basement just two years ago. In 2018 he was dealing with a leg injury all season and he was playing on an Orioles team that had no intention of winning. He was also traded to Milwaukee at the deadline and struggled there because he could never really settle into a position.

Schoop has signed on the Twins team with a winning attitude in 2019 and he has a clear position at second base. Twins coaches noticed some tweaks they can make with his swing because he was not swinging the same with his leg injury last year.

I think Schoop returns to who he was in 2017 and maybe even gets better. He is only 27 years old right now. I would love for him to succeed and then go on to get a 3 year deal to stay with the team.

Prediction 2:

Twins catcher Mitch Garver solidifies himself as the everyday starter for 2020. The Minnesota Twins will enter this season with a catching duo of Jason Castro and Mitch Garver. They are almost complete opposites in their strengths but perhaps that could be a good thing.

Last season Mitch Garver hit .268/.335/.414 with 7 home runs in 102 games. His defense was a different story, but I have to be a careful here because last time I talked about Garvers defense he showed me he was listening.

Mitch, I’m very sorry but it’s true. But wait I think he will improve! He has stated how he wants to improve and he has definitely been putting in the work tog get better.

It’s obvious his bat plays so if he can just get the defense up to average then he will be the definite starter in 2020. Having an improved Mitch Garver would also let the Twins save money by not having to go after Francisco Cervelli or Yasmani Grandal next offseason.

Prediction 3:

Twins trade for an elite starting pitcher before the trade deadline. Alright so you know how 99% of twins fans think the Twins have the most incompetent GM in the game? Yeah well they’re wrong but that’s for another day. I think Falvey gets that elite starter after the Twins start winning.

They have not signed Keuchel because the front office wants the Twins young guys to “prove it” before they go all in on pitching. So when the Twins are leading the AL Central after the All Star game, the Twins will trade for a high caliber starter.

Someone that comes to mind is Madison Bumgarner. He’s going to be a free agent after this season and is playing on a giants team that probably won’t do great this season. The Twins could send a middle infield prospect like Wander Javier as well as either an outfielder like Trevor Larnach or maybe a pitching prospect.

This will be very similar to when the Astros pulled off a trade for Justin Verlander and gave up their number 3, 9 and 11 prospects. The Astros acquired Verlander and went on to win the word series.

So those are my three predictions, here are the two twitter replies I got. These are much bolder and impactful.

Twitter prediction 1:

So yeah, Tyler Austin’s real name is Christopher by the way. I didn’t know that one. Anyway, apparently he will suddenly request a change to Christopher by the middle of the season.

Twitter prediction 2:

The second prediction is the twins will win every single game in these very good looking uniforms. I personally like these better than the ones they replaced so the twins will win in them.

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