Baldelli not committing to one closer

The Minnesota Twins offseason has a lot of fans mad about the lack of bullpen additions. While I think Blake Parker will be a great add, I can agree that maybe not enough was done for pitching. The team also noticeably lacks a clear closer, so how will newly hired manager Rocco Baldelli handle saves?

Well it’s looking like the twins won’t even have a closer. “As of now, we are going into it, putting ourselves in a position to win each game as opposed to laying out when everyone is going to pitch before then” said Baldelli in a recent interview.

So basically it’s sounding like the team will go inning by inning in determining who will pitch, likely based on matchups more than anything else. A lefty/right combination of Taylor Rogers and Trevor May or Blake Parker to finish out the final three innings sounds good to me. I don’t think saves are an important stat to look for when determining where a player should pitch.

The Twins will be able to throw out any of the players like May, Rogers, Parker, Hildenberger, Romero, Mejia and hopefully Addison Reed for any situation they see fit, even closing. I think this role suits the players the Twins have very well because in their careers they have all pitched middle innings and late innings. Romero and Mejia are going to be in the bullpen for the first time in the majors.

Overall I’m very excited to see how this plays out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Twins have a definite closer a month or so into the campaign because some people will struggle in the roll, while some will succeed. Personally I would love to see a Romero/Mejia combination in late innings at some point this year.

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