Alex Kirilloff, first basemen of the future?

The Minnesota Twins number two ranked prospect Alex Kirilloff will be getting some work at first base this 2019 season in the minor leagues. The first base position was probably the most uncertain position of the future until this news was reported. Now it may be one of the most watched and anticipated positions to watch.

Kirilloff has spent all 180+ of his games in the outfield, but with Buxton, Rosario and Kepler hopefully being the future out there, Kirilloff transitioning to first makes so much sense. This will even take his “baby Votto” nickname to a new level.

The top prospect had an outstanding 2018 season hitting .348/.392/.578 (.970) with 20 homers and 101 RBIs.

When asked about the transition, Falvey had this to say: “We’re going to play him at some first,” “We didn’t want to overexpose his first major-league camp. He’s already started to do some work at first on the minor-league side.”

So it sounds like he has already been in talks about this for a little while. Kirilloff, if he continues to rake at the plate could be called up in the middle or late 2019 season. If we don’t see him this year then 2020 will be the year of Kirilloff.

Back to the Baby Votto nickname, if you like player comparisons then Kirilloff and Votto are pretty close. Both left handed hitters and are .400 OBP guys with 20-25 home run potential. Now it’s looking like they will even play the same position.

Keep an eye on how often Kirilloff plays first and how he performs. I’ll be providing updates here and on my Twitter @EverydayTwins so go follow me on there.


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