Playoffs and World Series predictions!!

Here’s my playoff prediction that you’ll all disagree with because it’s the internet.

Of course I have the Astros, Twins and Red Sox winning the divisions and the Indians facing off against the Yankees in the wild card.

The national league will have the Dodgers, Nationals and Cardinals winning the division. The NL is super stacked so it was very difficult deciding on these teams. The Brewers will face the Braves in the wild card.

The wild card winners will be the Yankees and the Braves. The Yankees will face the Sox for the second year in a row and the Braves will go up against the Dodgers.

I have the Red Sox winning for the second year in a row against the Yankees and then the Astros beating the Twins. Both the Red Sox and Astros are powerhouse teams that will play an exciting ALCS against each other.

The national league will see the Dodgers advancing to the NLCS yet again but this year it will be against the Nationals. Both teams have great rosters but the Nats missed the playoffs completely in 2018. The first year without Harper will be fun.

Now for the World Series matchup, I have the Red Sox going up against the Nationals. I believe this is the year the Dodgers stop losing in the World Series and just lose in the NLCS instead. The Red Sox will return for the second straight year with basically the same team.

Finally to finish it all off I’m taking the Nationals to heat the Red Sox. Former twins all star Brian Dozier will get a ring behind the stellar pitching staff of Scherzer, Corbin and Strasburg.

Of course nobody knows what will happen and this is just my speculation. I would love to see a team that isn’t the Dodgers make it to the World Series and even win the whole thing. Go Twins by the way.

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