My picks for AL and NL Cy Young, as well as dark horse candidates.

The Cy Young award in the MLB is the award given to both of the best pitchers in each league. In 2018, Blake Snell and Jacob DeGrom won the award. Snell was a surprise breakout player and DeGrom was a great player who reached his full potential. For my predictions for 2019 I think it will be one player who is more than deserving to finally get the award, and one young pitcher who showed his true potential last season. AL Cy []

My picks for AL and NL Most Valuable Player.

There are many premiere players in the MLB and every year there are five to ten who have a legit shot to win the MVP award. Today I will be going over the two players I believe will win the award, along with two players who I think are dark horses to win it. American League: Mike Trout, Los Angelas Angels. Over the last six seasons, Mike Trout has finished in the top two for MVP voting five times. The other time []